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April Showers

I have lived in the Northwest for five years now, and I would think at this point I would be used to the weather. The harsh reality is that I am not. I think April is the hardest month. Spring has arrived and all the flowers are blooming but yet it is still raining. I want some sun already, haven’t we suffered enough? I want to wear a dress and some sandals, is that really too much to ask for? Apparently, it is…

The positive side of all of the April rain (because there has to be one right?) is cute outerwear. A heavy jacket is not necessary but a light weight, layer-able outwear pieces are better suited for the weather. I have selected a few styles from my collection that I think will help get through the showers. April is an excuse to shop for some great light weight outwear. So enjoy the rain and hopefully (very soon) some sun!

*”singin’ the rain” poster image, images from katherine mcconnell collections


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