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Weekday Art Projects

At the end of my day, I unwind with by indulging in various art projects. Most recently I have been embroidering and I have created little pictures, necklaces, and embroidery patterns on fabric that I intend to use later for a skirt. I wanted to share some of work  along with a lovely embroidery of a woman given to me by a family member that hangs in my house and serves as daily inspiration.

I used one of my embroidery designs to create a print that I used for a halter dress from my collection. I hope to be able to complete more art projects throughout the following weeks so that I can share more of my weekday projects.


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May I introduce No.6

Anyone in need of a new TV show to obsess about? I would like to introduce The Prisoner, aka No.6.

The amazing 17 episode series is about a former British secret agent,played by Patrick McGoohan, who is kidnapped and taken away to an isolated sea-side village. His captors want information as to why he abruptly quit his job as secret agent. All of the villagers are referred to by numbers and are not allowed to leave the village until they provide No.1, their mysterious leader, with their secrets.

Not only is the show captivating as a premise but the clothes the villagers wear are fantastic. I love all the whole ensemble, the striped shirts, the navy Keds, and the capes. The style is so Mod and sixties. I think the villagers look a little bit like walking umbrellas sometimes with their capes on.

No. 6’s outfit is one of my favorites, the navy blue and white blazer is so perfect.

I have included of my designs that are Mod inspired and remind me of something I might see one of the villagers wearing.

If you are looking for a show to watch and need some inspiration for your summer wardrobe, I recommend getting to know No.6. Be seeing you.

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Pretty Crafty

For the few remaining rainy weekends, I suggest a few crafty ideas to help pass the time. I selected a few projects are easy and not to time consuming.

In Women’s Daily on-line, I found an article about using fabric to create quick and colorful art for your walls. I love collecting vintage fabric and being able to use the fabric, as art is an excellent idea.

All you need is an old frame or you can make a frame. Once you pick your fabric, simply stretch the fabric around the frame, staple, and now you have some original art for your walls. Etsy seller Vintage Urban Girl has affordable and unique vintage fabric.

Another fun crafty project is making fridge magnets. I love vintage ads and illustrations and they make great images to adhere to the magnet paper. After you cut them out, you now have daily inspiration on your fridge.

Dickblick sells magnet paper as well as Michaels Craft store, which is fairly affordable.

I wanted to share a few photos of my own sewing crafty projects. I created a new skirt style drawing inspiration form quilting and crafting. I used quilting as the idea for a waistband. I wanted the waistband to be of vinyl so it is stiff and would hold its shape against the body. I had fun playing with color and fabrics. I so far have created three styles and they are available on my website.

Happy crafting and if you have any ideas for fun projects, please post them.

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April Showers

I have lived in the Northwest for five years now, and I would think at this point I would be used to the weather. The harsh reality is that I am not. I think April is the hardest month. Spring has arrived and all the flowers are blooming but yet it is still raining. I want some sun already, haven’t we suffered enough? I want to wear a dress and some sandals, is that really too much to ask for? Apparently, it is…

The positive side of all of the April rain (because there has to be one right?) is cute outerwear. A heavy jacket is not necessary but a light weight, layer-able outwear pieces are better suited for the weather. I have selected a few styles from my collection that I think will help get through the showers. April is an excuse to shop for some great light weight outwear. So enjoy the rain and hopefully (very soon) some sun!

*”singin’ the rain” poster image, images from katherine mcconnell collections

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Spring Cleaning!

It’s time to welcome spring!With that comes cleaning…as well as pic nics, Barbeques, and sangria but that is a post for another day. The first place I think of to clean out (obviously) is the closet. I toss out anything that I have not worn for two seasons or more. It is very liberating and give me a fresh start along with freeing up some room in my closet for new clothes!

Deciding which new spring dresses to add to ones wardrobe is the best reward to a edited closet. I have put together a few of my favorites looks for the spring along with a few of my own pieces from my collection..


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