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May I introduce No.6

Anyone in need of a new TV show to obsess about? I would like to introduce The Prisoner, aka No.6.

The amazing 17 episode series is about a former British secret agent,played by Patrick McGoohan, who is kidnapped and taken away to an isolated sea-side village. His captors want information as to why he abruptly quit his job as secret agent. All of the villagers are referred to by numbers and are not allowed to leave the village until they provide No.1, their mysterious leader, with their secrets.

Not only is the show captivating as a premise but the clothes the villagers wear are fantastic. I love all the whole ensemble, the striped shirts, the navy Keds, and the capes. The style is so Mod and sixties. I think the villagers look a little bit like walking umbrellas sometimes with their capes on.

No. 6’s outfit is one of my favorites, the navy blue and white blazer is so perfect.

I have included of my designs that are Mod inspired and remind me of something I might see one of the villagers wearing.

If you are looking for a show to watch and need some inspiration for your summer wardrobe, I recommend getting to know No.6. Be seeing you.


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