Pretty Crafty

For the few remaining rainy weekends, I suggest a few crafty ideas to help pass the time. I selected a few projects are easy and not to time consuming.

In Women’s Daily on-line, I found an article about using fabric to create quick and colorful art for your walls. I love collecting vintage fabric and being able to use the fabric, as art is an excellent idea.

All you need is an old frame or you can make a frame. Once you pick your fabric, simply stretch the fabric around the frame, staple, and now you have some original art for your walls. Etsy seller Vintage Urban Girl has affordable and unique vintage fabric.

Another fun crafty project is making fridge magnets. I love vintage ads and illustrations and they make great images to adhere to the magnet paper. After you cut them out, you now have daily inspiration on your fridge.

Dickblick sells magnet paper as well as Michaels Craft store, which is fairly affordable.

I wanted to share a few photos of my own sewing crafty projects. I created a new skirt style drawing inspiration form quilting and crafting. I used quilting as the idea for a waistband. I wanted the waistband to be of vinyl so it is stiff and would hold its shape against the body. I had fun playing with color and fabrics. I so far have created three styles and they are available on my website.

Happy crafting and if you have any ideas for fun projects, please post them.


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